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Equal Employment Opportunity

Global Youth United

Philadelphia, PA


Equal Opportunity Employer Policy

I. General  


Global Youth United (GYU or The Organization)  is committed to encouraging and sustaining work environments that are free from harassment and prohibited discrimination. The Organization prohibits discrimination and harassment in both its employment and administrative policies. Equal employment, Board membership, volunteer opportunities, and participation in any GYU-sanctioned activity are provided without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or genetic information.


II. Commitment to Equal Opportunity


The Organization is a nonprofit organization committed to the principle of respect for all people. As part of this commitment, we actively value diversity in our organization and seek to take advantage of the rich backgrounds and abilities of everyone. Our equal opportunity policy affirmatively protects all Organization staff, Board Members, Mentors, students, and staff applicants, ensuring that invitations to join the Organization are based on individual merit, as opposed to stereotypes and biases. The Organization’s Policy applies to recruitment, hiring, appointment, and promotion for all positions. It also governs personnel actions such as determining compensation, layoffs, terminations, and benefits.


GYU’s equal opportunity policy is an important part of our compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. More importantly, this policy guides us in our organizational commitment to diversity and fairness, and guarantees that every GYU staff member, Board Member, Mentor, student, and volunteer is welcome and free to contribute his or her talents to help GYU achieve excellence in all our endeavors.


III. Dissemination


The equal opportunity policy is distributed to all members of the GYU community. Copies

are provided to new employees and Board Members at orientation sessions. The Policy is reviewed every three years at the Annual Meeting of Board Directors of Global Youth United.


IV. Implementation


Every member of the GYU community is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly in  the effort to ensure not only that our community is free from unlawful and unconscionable  discrimination and harassment, but also that we also respect and celebrate diversity. Because both GYU managers and Board Members make direct personnel decisions, they have particular responsibility for achieving our institutional equal opportunity goals.


V. Enforcement


As presiding Officer of the Organization, the Board Chairman has the legal responsibility for compliance with Equal Opportunity laws. The Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Committee Chairs, the Executive Director, and other senior officers are all responsible to the Board Chairman for implementing the Equal Opportunity Policy within their administrative areas. Staff members and Mentors/Teacher Liaisons all work to administer and manage personnel activities within their areas to ensure full implementation of the Policy.


VI. The Complaint Process

Employees and applicants are required to utilize this procedure when reporting complaints. Filing groundless and malicious complaints is an abuse of this Policy and is prohibited.

1. Confidentiality

During the complaint process, while the confidentiality of the information received, the privacy of the individuals involved, and the wishes of the complaining person regarding action by the Organization cannot be guaranteed in every instance, they will be protected to as great a degree as is legally possible.

Any notes or documents written by or received by the person(s) conducting the investigation will be kept confidential to the extent possible and according to any existing state or federal law.

2. Complaint Procedure

The following complaint procedure will be followed in order to address a complaint regarding equal opportunity employment.

  1. A person who feels harrassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against may initiate the complaint process by filing a written and signed complaint with the Board Chairman. No formal action will be taken against any person under this policy unless a written and signed complaint is on file containing sufficient details to allow the Board Chairman to determine if the policy may have been violated.

If a supervisor or manager becomes aware that harassment or discrimination is occurring, either from personal observation or as a result of an employee coming forward, the supervisor or manager should immediately report it to the Board Chairman using the same written and sign complaint process.

  1. Upon receiving the complaint, or being advised by a supervisor or manager that violation of this policy may be occurring, the Board Chairman will notify the Board Members, and review the complaint with them.

  2. Within five (5) working days of receiving the complaint, the Board Chairman will:

a) Notify the person(s) charged [hereafter referred to as "respondent(s)”] of a complaint.
b) Initiate the investigation to determine whether there is a reasonable basis for believing that the alleged violation of this policy occurred. During the investigation, the Board Chairman, together with legal counsel or other Organization Members, will interview the complainant, the respondent and any witnesses to determine whether the alleged conduct occurred.

3. Findings

If it is determined that harassment or discrimination in violation of this Policy has occurred, the Board Chairman will recommend appropriate disciplinary action. The appropriate action will depend on the following factors: (i) The severity, frequency and pervasiveness of the conduct; (ii) Prior complaints made by the complainant; (iii) Prior complaints made against the respondent; (iv) The quality of the evidence (first-hand knowledge, credible corroboration etc.).

If the investigation is inconclusive or it is determined that there has been no harassment or discrimination in violation of this policy, but some potentially problematic conduct is revealed, preventative action may be taken.

Within five (5) days after the investigation is concluded, the Board Chairman will meet with the complainant and the respondent separately in order to notify them in person of the findings of the investigation and to inform them of the action being recommended by the Board.

The complainant and the respondent may submit statements to the Board challenging the factual basis of the findings. Any such statement must be submitted no later than five (5) working days after the meeting with the Board Chairman in which the findings of the investigation is discussed.

Within 10 days from the date the Board Chairman meets with the complainant and respondent, the Board will review the investigative report and any statements submitted by the complainant or respondent, discuss results of the investigation with the Board Chairman and other Members as may be appropriate and decide what action, if any, will be taken.

The Board Chairman will report the Board’s decision to the complainant, the respondent and the appropriate management assigned to the department(s) in which the complainant and the respondent work. The Organization’s decision will be in writing and will include finding of fact and a statement for or against disciplinary action. If disciplinary action is to be taken, the sanction will be stated.

4. Alternative Legal Remedies

Nothing in this policy shall prevent the complainant or the respondent from pursuing formal legal remedies or resolution through state or federal agencies or the courts.


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