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About Us


Global Youth United is a youth-led organization which seeks to promote three things: education, cultural awareness, and activism.

With emphasis on social awareness and international consciousness, Global Youth United will educate young adults in every region of the world in current issues in the areas of politics, the environment, and human rights. Members of Global Youth United will educate each other through regular discussion, will connect with the use of technology, and will develop action plans to enact social change. With this, members of Global Youth United strive to create a dignified and ideal twenty-first century for the global community.

  1. Working in accordance with 21st Century Skills, we ENGAGE students in problem solving on a weekly basis in both university and high schools settings. Global Youth United engages students at the university level to serve as mentors to students at the high school

  2. RESEARCH. Together, the mentors and high school students dive head-first in local, national, and international issues. Our GYU program uses the Millennium Development Goals as a starting point for discussion on global issues, but encourage students to bring additional topics to the table.

  3. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. After in-depth research (via news articles, magazines, and technological avenues), GYU students form action plans on policy and social issues, set SMART goals, and take action in their community.